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  • Popular CPD Courses in the Autumn/Winter programme

    Have you considered a CPD College in-service course to complete at your leisure over the winter evenings? Enrol now and have full access until the end of March, 2022.

    We have some terrific offerings that include:

  • Innovating the Six Bricks teaching and learning pedagogy

    Six Bricks is an exciting approach to teaching and learning that was created by Brent Hutcheson and his Care for Education organisation in South Africa. 

    CPD College is delighted to have created and developed the following innovations to the pedagogy:

    The Six Bricks Answer Code (SBAC)

    The Six Bricks Answer Code is an Assessment for Learning mechanism that requires children to correctly answer a question or series of related questions by ordering the six coloured eight-stud bricks into a correct sequence. 

    Here is the process:

  • Autumn/ winter courses 2018/ 2019

    Our autumn/ winter courses are now open for enrolment. Access will be open until February 28th 2019.

  • Autumn/ winter programme

    Keep an eye on our website for the opening of our autumn/ winter programme which will begin in the next couple of weeks.

  • Summer courses closing

    Please note all summer courses must be completed by 5pm this Friday August 24th. There will be no further access after this time.